Listening to Users. Tefal Kettles

I used to have a Tefal kettle like the one below for years.

You’re supposed to open the lid to pour water in it the way it is illustrated in Tefal documentation:

But I never poured water that way because of being lazy to open the lid every time I wanted to fill my old kettle. I would just pour it through the spout without opening the lid:

It turned out that my way of filling is recommended by Tefal:

“You can fill the kettle through the spout to keep the filter in good condition.”

The new model of Tefal kettle is designed so that you can pour water in it without opening the lid at all. You can just take the kettle, place it under the tap and fill it. The filter is placed within the lid.

Its great that Tefal designers have learnt that people don’t like to open the lid and created a kettle that suits tea lovers like me best.

Another advantage of the new lid is that you won’t break it as fast as you would break the lid that opens with the help of some button or manually.


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