Mobile Phone Joystick Treatment

I have a Samsung SGH-E200 mobile phone and I have to admit that interface designers have done great job developing this phone’s interface. I’ll list its greatest features some other time. Today I’ll mention one of the disadvantages.

I’m using Opera Mobile browser and noticed one good feature about it that Samsung interface designers overlooked.

Look at the examples below.

opera mini menu
Opera mini menu
Samsung SGH-E200 menu
Samsung SGH-E200 menu

If you press ‘Right’ key of your joystick in Opera, it will open ‘Tools’ submenu. If you press the same button in my phone menu it won’t do anything.

This feature might have been disabled because often-times there’s more than one sub-menu available. But I would let people select the first available with the press of a Right key.

Right key does work though when you hover over the expandable menu item.

Sure, this is a tiny detail not critical for UX, but such small features make all the difference between good and great.


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