‘Designing Web Interfaces’ Book Review

Designing Web Interfaces Book Cover

Reading Bill Scott and Theresa Neil‘s ‘Designing Web Interfaces‘ was fun and very useful. I applied a lot of advice while reading the book and got lots of ideas for future improvements of my product.

While keeping the chapters brief and very practical, authors managed to list lots of truly relevant patterns, highlighting pros and cons, making good use of examples and their own great experience.

Making decisions in interface design is always about affordances and limitations of every particular task and product. This book always sticks to real problems and solutions and authors hardly ever come up with absolute rules, which don’t really exist in interface design.

Bill and Theresa admit the mistakes they made on the way to creating worthy products and share the knowledge they gained on the way to making the web a better place to be. It has also been a pleasure to come across ideas and observations that concur with my own.

Designing Web Interfaces‘ will help you understand whether you’re on the right track,¬† provide you with great ideas, and show a clear path to becoming better at making things on the web better.


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