‘Designing Interfaces’ Book Review

Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell was my first book that had ‘interface’ in its title. It was an interesting read and provided a number of good ideas, brought some things in my head in order.

But now, after having read an learnt a lot more on the subject, I come to realize that this book has a bit of a problem. It doesn’t contain general musings on the theory of interface design, nor is it a practical reference. My personal belief is that when talking about certain interface elements or patterns, you have to stick to a real situation, providing context, alternatives, pros and cons.  The classification crafted by Jenifer Tidwell is too general to be put to practice right away and not general enough to make a clear overall picture in a designer’s head.

It might be so because Jenifer was a pioneer in some way, and it might be that her book had to be written for the followers to learn what areas of interface design need more looking into.

Designing Interfaces” is an intro book, so make sure you’re investing properly.


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