‘Share With a Group’ Concept

I often find myself in a tricky situation. Upon finding an interesting video, blog post or whatever, I’m presented with a ‘retweet’ or ‘mention on facebook’ buttons and realize that this post could only be interesting to the IT geeky people I know ;) and the rest just won’t get it and consider it a sort of spam (“I guess I’ll get Alex off my friends feed because he posts some weird updates every now and then…“). But I still want to share some fun piece of news or event that might be interesting to my school friends.

I guess we could use groups to solve that. Groups only work OK internally on social sites like facebook, but most of the content I read and find is outside facebook or twitter or whatever… The idea of grouping people isn’t new (might check out the “Closing the gap between people’s online and real life social network” presentation by Paul Adams from the IA Summit 10) and can really help to target sharing with the people you know.

I’d also like to have ‘universal’ groups that would work throughout all the sites I use. So that nobody would require me to create “school friends” or “office people” groups on every site I land.

It sure needs a lot of good thought, looking into and exploring, which a lot of people do right now I believe… Here’s how the sharing experience might look like the way I see it:

share with a group

As a result, links that I share with my close friends won’t get on my boss’ feed…


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