Design for Solving Problems

Shopping cart

Things and services are often designed for everybody to help get anything done.

When you come into a supermarket, it offers you all kinds of products for all kinds of occasions. But sometimes people come into a supermarket with a particular problem, i.e. organising a birthday party.  They probably have little time and are afraid to forget to buy something necessary to make a party happen.

For such an occasion supermarket could have a few carts full of products to solve exactly this problem. Grab one, go to checkout — and off you go, ready to throw a party in no time.

No need to create lists of products, decide on what refreshments you should include to match everybody’s taste — guys running the supermarket should do the calculations on their own, do the research and make sure you and your friends enjoy the result.

They do things similar to what I’ve described selling the sets for throwing a barbecue party, for instance. But ultimately, there should be a ‘one-click’ solution to popular problems that most of your audience faces.

Some people come to a tailor to update a wardrobe, some come because they’ve just received an invitation to a wedding and they are clueless as to what they should be wearing.

Some people come to your web store to buy a particular book, some have to find a reasonably priced gift for a picky boss ASAP.


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