A Single Device


I dare to guess that the future of technology will be about a single device.

You really don’t want to be carrying many things on you — laptop, kindle, iPad, phone, music player or what have you.

The software and data for a Single Device is already there. And it sits in the cloud.

Cloud technologies still suck largely, especially if you, like increasingly so many of us, use multiple devices.

Devices will eventually become ways to present the data we have in the cloud in a way that suits our current context best. Using the best cloud applications out there. You can easily imagine getting into a coffee shop with iPads X on each table that you can just grab, login into and use.

There will though be a single device that people will be having on them all of the time for personal stuff and ultimate ‘mobility’.

Backing this up, revisit Jesse Schell’s talk on gamification mentioning cheap screens with Wi-Fi everywhere, look at the stats on people sleeping with their phones and ask yourself why you increasingly use Dropbox and Google Docs at work:

J. Schell’s talk

Stats on folks sleeping with phones


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