Charity UX Design

In this age calling out for help to a wide audience is becoming so much easier. Social networks alone can get you broadcasting to millions in no time in no time.

But things often go wrong when help requests don’t have a clear action point for those willing to help. Not to mention feedback and follow-up on how things went after one provided help.

Did that sum I donated help? Did the family manage to gather the required sum for the surgery? Did the hurricane victims get supplies necessary for survival?

What current state of things increasingly adds to is disbelief in many a good cause.

A very unfortunate thing to do is reach a multi-million audience and not give people a fast and easy way to help. Same for never getting to thank the ones who did help.

Don’t try to unlazy people. Don’t expect them to be resolved enough to go and find the phone to call to help, find bank accounts to transfer money to, read the fine print, go donate blood etc.

Some folks go an extra mile to do all of that and have all of my admiration. But to really get that mass impact, help millions of ‘small’ people feel pride for contributing to saving and improving lives of others you have to embrace their limitations. Embrace natural idleness and suspiciousness. Design charity experience with these limitations in mind.


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