On settings


Your product is only as good as your default setup. Nobody goes to play around with a bunch of smart settings you have buried under that gear icon.

And it’s not just about setting up whether one wants to see 10 or 20 pieces of whatever you have there per page. It’s also about disabling the text notifications you send the poor busy folk all the time. Letting them know that Peter approved their friend request.

People got addicted to your product so bad they will be back to learn about about Peter in a few minutes anyway. Why bother notifying them across all the devices and means? That’s something I wrote about before.

Think-through well what your default setup looks and feels like. Never compromise resorting to “They’ll be able to turn that off in Settings at any time…” Spend as little amount of time as possible designing features hidden in that dusty “Settings” drawer.

You can of course be smart about bringing some extra control out into the most used areas of your service. “Inline”, “in-context”. But make good judgement and be smart about it because it is just about as unlikely that 80% of your target audience will spend any time fine-tuning your product when in a real world they can’t get around to arranging their desk or changing the bloody tune in the phone.


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