Raw data. Let people know the consequences


One thing that bothers my picky mind about uploading photos to social media these days is how most of the services decrease the quality of the image. Same for video.

Not just that, but the fact they never tell me about it.

One takes a photo, uploads to Facebook, deletes from the phone. Now if a year later they want to print it — there’s only the downsized, compressed version available.

Don’t we live in a world where cost per megabyte diminishes? Where flickr gives you a free terabyte for photos. Where Dropbox is making a fortune selling extra storage. Same for Apple.

Don’t we get into an era where ridiculously high resolution smart TV displays make it into millions of households? To display those compressed images of your life’s best moments?

Respect the raw data, give options to pay for higher quality and storage.

At least let people know you reduce the quality, OK?


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