Syncing lunch delivery idea

Here’s an idea:

The Problem
People don’t like to pay for food delivery.
That’s why they would often avoid this lunch option.
Often people at work are eager to make an order together with colleagues. The problem is it’s hard to sync with folks, place a group order, choose collaboratively from the menu. Also hard to get the change for everybody.

The Solution

I imagine a better office lunch delivery experience like this.

I’m am working in a 250 employees company. Don’t want to go to this crowded place nearby for lunch, nor pay extra fee for food delivery. I also hate running around the office asking people to make an order together to get free delivery, going through the routine of placing an order for a group of people and so on.

What I do want is to have a good luch in a company of colleagues.

So how about I go to a favourite restaurant website, place an order for myself , enter my work address and tick an option “wait for other folks at my office to order”, and set wait time to 30min. Done.

I would then just let colleagues know that I’ve placed an order and they might as well join. If I wish to.

Next thing happening — several guys, including me, meet a delivery person, each getting their own package. We get to eat together and enjoy a nice lunch chat.

P.S. The low-fi variant might include orders placed over a phone conversation with a reataurant, everybody getting the change. No fuss with collecting the money and giving the change back to co-workers or figuring out ‘who’s food is in that package’.
Pete goes to a restaurant website. Adds a few items
The online delivery system knows you and your colleagues are ordering food for lunch. Could be by address of delivery. System suggests you wait a little bit more for other guys in the office to make an order. When enough people do you get a free delivery.

Could also let you push some activation to folks around the office (email, skype).

Could be an umbrella service for many restaurants etc.



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