Why it’s hard to revolutionize email

A fairly obvious subject that serves as a good example for some the industry’s major problems.

Plenty of stuff hasn’t changed for email since prehistoric times.

If you want to do something fundamentally new in email, you kind of need to get ALL the clients and services people use for reading and writing email to support it. Very hard to do.

Anything else will be a half-measure of sorts and might result in major confusion and misunderstanding in a medium that is still so business-critical.

If you try, might end up in a similar conversation:

— “You didn’t read the urgent request I sent you? Don’t see any confirmation from you, Sam.”
— “Why, can’t you see I ‘liked’ it?”
— “What?!”
— “Oh, I forgot you’re using Outlook. Everyone in our department already switched to Gmail online. It has this neat feature ‘like’ feature…”


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