Designers complaining about clients

Why would you send the client a PSD?

This is just a polite way to say that your mockup or photo sucks.
Good designers don’t use ‘lorem ipsum’ and design for the real content.
You failed to communicate the value of professional photography.
You should provide enough details on the activities you plan to do, deliverables and list all the important assumptions along with the invoice.
You requested a photo from client without realizing he’s not a professional photographer. Should’ve given other options and not just say ‘Hey, client, can you send over a photo of your office’?
They liked the metaphor in the image, you can actually use it as an inspiration or at least try to find out what they liked about it specifically.
Have the balls to say ‘No’ or up the bill for overtime work if you feel like it.
Content is the design, so you should be able to at least draft most of the UI copy.
You should present the design in person and accompany it with several specific questions about different aspects of it. This is what you might get for throwing mockups over the mail without explanations.
You jumped to creating a mockup before you did any proper research, requirements gathering, agreed on the scope and common vision.

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