On system thinking

Folks from Apple (including Don Norman), Elon Musk and a lot of great design, business and engineering minds — all mention system thinking being key to creating great products.Being capable to go beyond a feature, product, one year timeline, single geography, domain, niche, skillset is what it takes to design something truly epic.

Seeing the connections, seeing the potential outcomes, factoring in the risks and planning for exponential growth are all present in system-thinker’s toolkit.

A way retain sanity designing at scale is zooming all the way into a single experience, living it start to finish.

E. g. Designing a city, zoom into a single dweller work commute experience on Monday morning.

And then zoom back out and see from the high up, across dimensions and actors what the experience is actually built of. Complete it, optimize it.
Strive to get there, an ultimate space for designer.

Here’s Elon’s talk alluding to this:


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