Don’t let it stop you

A lot of ideas you come up with, already came to someone else’s mind. When you find that out might feel like giving up and stopping realizing your ideas. ‘Nah, someone already thought of that’. OR you can take these ideas further, make them better, make them real and make them matter. Your choice. Photo I took :) : Ad… Continue reading Don’t let it stop you

Mass impact innovation happens through big companies

If you want to innovate on a truly large scale you have to be Apple. Or Samsung. Or Google. Too many great inventions don’t get adopted because they don’t have a large reach from the git go. To improve any global existing ecosystem you have to be or become a part of it. It is… Continue reading Mass impact innovation happens through big companies

Syncing lunch delivery idea

Here’s an idea: The Problem People don’t like to pay for food delivery. That’s why they would often avoid this lunch option. Often people at work are eager to make an order together with colleagues. The problem is it’s hard to sync with folks, place a group order, choose collaboratively from the menu. Also hard… Continue reading Syncing lunch delivery idea