Notes on Apple Watch experience

Executive summary: Apple watch is great. Surprised to discover people who disagree. People wanted bells and whistles, but ended up with a tool that is similar in its utility to your regular watch telling time. But Apple goes far beyond that, naturally. Industry taught consumers to judge products by their technical parameters, features and looks… Continue reading Notes on Apple Watch experience

Drying ink in Google Docs

Here’s an idea to show recent changes in a shared google doc. Imagine a mode where font color would fade much like regular ink does. Recent stuff more vibrant and ‘wet’, older — dry. Following the real ink analogy, changed sections’ color could alter as the time goes by. Now I could spot what’s updated since I last peeked… Continue reading Drying ink in Google Docs

Designers complaining about clients

You probably know how customary it is for designers to complain about clients. I always find it lame and see the core for most of the complaints in poor client management and design presentation skills of a designer. Here are a few likely reasons designers get these types of messages: Why would you send the client a PSD?

Why it’s hard to revolutionize email

A fairly obvious subject that serves as a good example for some the industry’s major problems. Plenty of stuff hasn’t changed for email since prehistoric times. If you want to do something fundamentally new in email, you kind of need to get ALL the clients and services people use for reading and writing email to… Continue reading Why it’s hard to revolutionize email

Mass impact innovation happens through big companies

If you want to innovate on a truly large scale you have to be Apple. Or Samsung. Or Google. Too many great inventions don’t get adopted because they don’t have a large reach from the git go. To improve any global existing ecosystem you have to be or become a part of it. It is… Continue reading Mass impact innovation happens through big companies

Syncing lunch delivery idea

Here’s an idea: The Problem People don’t like to pay for food delivery. That’s why they would often avoid this lunch option. Often people at work are eager to make an order together with colleagues. The problem is it’s hard to sync with folks, place a group order, choose collaboratively from the menu. Also hard… Continue reading Syncing lunch delivery idea

Disappearing media

Some media are on the decline for a while and have to reconsider the way they advertise themselves before disappearing altogether. Take home printing. To get customers to buy home printers manufacturers best advertise the very value of printing something on the paper. Not the gadget, not the features. The solution. Does your business look this… Continue reading Disappearing media