Notes on Apple Watch experience

Executive summary: Apple watch is great. Surprised to discover people who disagree. People wanted bells and whistles, but ended up with a tool that is similar in its utility to your regular watch telling time. But Apple goes far beyond that, naturally. Industry taught consumers to judge products by their technical parameters, features and looks… Continue reading Notes on Apple Watch experience

‘The Back of the Napkin’ book review 

The rare kind of insanely useful books. I can’t think of a person that shouldn’t learn the great skill of explaining with pictures from it. Not learn, but rather discover you do have this in you. If you spend any time explaining things to other human beings and if you ever find yourself in the… Continue reading ‘The Back of the Napkin’ book review 

Book review: ‘Running Lean’

Great practical manual for startups and a useful trigger to make things happen in larger, slower paced enterprise environment. Author will make you think different — embrace rapid change, quick iteration, testing the concept soon, part with ideas that don’t work easily and scale ones that do rapidly. Product managers need this, designers need this, engineers need this. Warning:… Continue reading Book review: ‘Running Lean’

Book Review: Undercover User Experience Design

‘Undercover User Experience Design’ by Cennydd Bowles and James Box is a great thorough starter manual for a broad audience of junior to regular UX practitioners and those shifting into this field. The manual covers not only the undercover techniques, but the whole range of UX methods and approaches, following through all of the design… Continue reading Book Review: Undercover User Experience Design