Drying ink in Google Docs

Here’s an idea to show recent changes in a shared google doc. Imagine a mode where font color would fade much like regular ink does. Recent stuff more vibrant and ‘wet’, older — dry. Following the real ink analogy, changed sections’ color could alter as the time goes by. Now I could spot what’s updated since I last peeked… Continue reading Drying ink in Google Docs

Paper prototyping

I would argue that paper prototyping for interface design has a very limited use. Modern digital tools for prototyping, if used right, can get you to the desired result faster and welcome frequent iteration. Changing something on a hand-drawn paper prototype (especially the ‘interactive’ kind) would mean redrawing the whole thing more or less. And… Continue reading Paper prototyping

Why it’s hard to revolutionize email

A fairly obvious subject that serves as a good example for some the industry’s major problems. Plenty of stuff hasn’t changed for email since prehistoric times. If you want to do something fundamentally new in email, you kind of need to get ALL the clients and services people use for reading and writing email to… Continue reading Why it’s hard to revolutionize email

Ingredients to designing products like cities

To developers, the most conspicuous difference between Web-based and desktop software is that a Web-based application is not a single piece of code. It will be a collection of programs of different types rather than a single big binary. And so designing Web-based software is like desiging a city rather than a building: as well… Continue reading Ingredients to designing products like cities