On system thinking

Folks from Apple (including Don Norman), Elon Musk and a lot of great design, business and engineering minds — all mention system thinking being key to creating great products.Being capable to go beyond a feature, product, one year timeline, single geography, domain, niche, skillset is what it takes to design something truly epic. Seeing the connections, seeing the… Continue reading On system thinking

Designers are not artists

Something I wanted to leave as a comment on Facebook design lead’s blog post that praises designers as artists. Medium had a bug that prevented me from doing so. Here’s a quote that resonates with my personal point of view on the subject of treating designers as artists: “Contrary to popular belief, designers are not

Digital Agency vs Consultancy

I think key reason why working in a “digital agency” doesn’t excite me is that most of UX work there is around temporary, one-shot advertising projects. You craft a single campaign for a single brand that would be running for a month or so and then gone into non-existence. Consultancy, on the contrary, deals with… Continue reading Digital Agency vs Consultancy