Don’t let it stop you

A lot of ideas you come up with, already came to someone else’s mind. When you find that out might feel like giving up and stopping realizing your ideas. ‘Nah, someone already thought of that’. OR you can take these ideas further, make them better, make them real and make them matter. Your choice. Photo I took :) : Ad… Continue reading Don’t let it stop you

The Kind of Innovation I Like

One of past Apple World Developers Conference keynote that highlights companie’s top achievements made me realise once again that truly useful innovations don’t always depend on inventing the new piece of hardware or writing an ingenious chunk of code. Being able to use different signatures for multiple email accounts on an iPhone might be just… Continue reading The Kind of Innovation I Like

Should You Listen to Users?

It seems democratic and non-elitist to set it and forget it and let the users take over. But the tools we use (Wikipedia) and the brands we covet (Nike or Ducati) resolutely refuse to become democracies. Seth Godin One of the world’s most acclaimed marketeer says you shouldn’t just do what people ask for. If… Continue reading Should You Listen to Users?