The Kind of Innovation I Like

One of past Apple World Developers Conference keynote that highlights companie’s top achievements made me realise once again that truly useful innovations don’t always depend on inventing the new piece of hardware or writing an ingenious chunk of code. Being able to use different signatures for multiple email accounts on an iPhone might be just… Continue reading The Kind of Innovation I Like

Nobody Likes Links

[…]Wikipedia articles, which are so densely sprinkled with tantalizing links that it requires real discipline to read an article to the end without leaping away. Josh Clark in¬†“Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” It’s the Internet, but nobody likes links. People don’t appreciate it when you put a help link instead of providing help right away… Continue reading Nobody Likes Links

‘Designing Web Interfaces’ Book Review

Reading Bill Scott and Theresa Neil‘s ‘Designing Web Interfaces‘ was fun and very useful. I applied a lot of advice while reading the book and got lots of ideas for future improvements of my product. While keeping the chapters brief and very practical, authors managed to list lots of truly relevant patterns, highlighting pros and… Continue reading ‘Designing Web Interfaces’ Book Review