Value User’s Input

Value user’s comments and feedback. Use it for more effective sharing. Simple usecase: Open a photo on flickr > leave a comment > share a photo > comment should be attached to a shared post by default. Alternatively, provide that as an option, pre-filled text, whatever — just don’t make me type in my reaction… Continue reading Value User’s Input

Make Maximum Use of People’s Reactions

If you want people to interact more with your content, show them that you care about what they have to say and what they do, make their voices heard. Consider this example. A friend of yours shared a blog post he liked via Facebook. You bookmarked that for reading later or just left the blog… Continue reading Make Maximum Use of People’s Reactions

‘Share With a Group’ Concept

I often find myself in a tricky situation. Upon finding an interesting video, blog post or whatever, I’m presented with a ‘retweet’ or ‘mention on facebook’ buttons and realize that this post could only be interesting to the IT geeky people I know ;) and the rest just won’t get it and consider it a sort of spam (“I guess I’ll get Alex off my friends feed because he posts some weird updates every now and then…”). But I still want to share some fun piece of news or event that might be interesting to my school friends….